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Stanley Show

Stanley Show

- Where are you from ?

Manchester, au Royaume-Uni

- What do you do for a living ?

I am an illustrator.

- What kind of teenager were you ?

A very lazy

- What was your first geek experience ?

Star Wars


Stanley Chow

- According to you, what’s a Geek ?

A geek is someone who has an obsession with all things to do with popular culture, and has no ability to function in the real world or communicate with normal people.

- Would you see yourself as a Geek ?

I don’t personally think I’m a geek, but I think my wife thinks I am one.



- When did you start ?


Stanley Chow

- Why art and more specifically why geekart ?

I knew i was going to be an artist from a very young age… basically, being an artist is all I can do, because I can’t go anything else. My main interests are movies, superheroes and football… so these are the things I like to illustrate. 

Stanley Show

Stanley Show

- What are your inspirations ?

Football, Manchester United, TV and cinema.

- What is your artistic backgroud until now ?

I studied in Manchester and Lyon… I was a storyboard artist and fashion illustrator when I was younger. I have now produced work for many magazines and advertisements. My work I did for the White Stripes has also been nominated for a Grammy.

Stanley Chow

- How much time can you allocate to the creation of one artwork, maximum ?

Each illustration is different… I like to allocate a maximum of 3 hours… but some illustrations will take more than a day.

- What tools do you use ?

An Apple Mac and Adobe Illustrator.

- Do you listen music when you work, what kind?

Sometimes, but most of the time I prefer silence.


Stanley Chow

- What is your artwork you are the most proud of ?

My caricature silhouette of Bruce Willis.

- Some upcoming projects ?

I am illustrating all the writing staff of the New Yorker magazine at the moment… also I will be starting a massive project with a very famous hamburger company.

- Where are you displayed ?

Only on the internet at the moment.


- Can you name your geekart hall of famers ?

Drew Struzan, Mike Mignola, Bill Sienkiewicz

- Did you ever meet with one of them ?

No. Even if I had a chance to meet them, I probably wouldn’t want to… « Don’t meet your heroes! »

Stanley Chow

- Do you know what is the public’s and other artists’ perception to your art ?

I can only assume that the public like my artwork, because I receive fan mail and illustration requests everyday. I also have a print shop that is always selling prints.

- Where do you think GeekArt fits best : in a Museum, in the streets or on a t-shirt ?

Geek Art belongs in our society… wherever it can be easily consumed for as many people to appreciate.

- Can you please draw or realize anything that inspires you right now ?

Stanley Chow

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