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Daniel Polevoy


Cette semaine nous avons le privilège de vous présenter Daniel Polevoy, artiste ukrainien, connu pour sa série « Wartime Icon: 1860-1890 » notamment. Ses collages mélangent images d’archives et icônes contemporaines. Il répond aujourd’hui à l’interview pour theUnitedGeekdom et nous présente sa nouvelle série.
This week we have the privilege to present you Daniel Polevoy, Ukrainian artist, known for his series  » Wartime Icon: on 1860-1890  » in particular. His collages mix archives images and contemporary icons. He answers the interview for theUnitedGeekdom today and presents us his new series.


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Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy

– Where are you from ?

I was born in the Ukraine. But I live in Tel Aviv (Israel).

– What do you do for a living ?

I’m a UI-designer and photographer.

– What kind of teenager were you ?

I was an intelligent punk:)

Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy

– What was your first geek experience ?

I think, it was a game (Mario Bros.). In 80th-90th wasn’t culture of comics or geek-cartoons (in the Ukraine), but I had game-station with classic games.


– What would say is a Geek ?

What is is it « Geek » for me? I think, geek is a person, who know what is it « interests ». Not so important, in which direction these interests- comics, movies, photo, books or music. For example, I don’t interesting in comics, but I love photography (cameras, books, movies) and music (I love vinyl)))!

Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy

– Would you see yourself as a Geek ?

Yes. I’m really weird guy with interests im photography, movies and music.


– When did you start ?

I started in November 2010.

Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy

– Why art and more specifically why geekart ?

When I started it was just a part of my collages. I love to make collages with archive photos and « now days » elements. But the geekart is more interesting for people and in this theme I can make something, what will be clear to other people from all over the world.

– What are your inspirations ?

Internet. Every day I spend 2-3 hours for learning something new from internet. Design, photography, illustration, music, etc.

Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy

– What is your artistic backgroud until now ?

I studied illustration in fine art school (it was in 1999-2002) and animation studio (2001-2004). I have a higher education- I studied law in Moscow (Russia). But in truth, my artistic background is just what I learned in internet.

– How much time can you allocate to the creation of one artwork, maximum ?

Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy

My maximum is a week (collages from « Wartime Icon: 1860-1890 » series).

– What tools do you use ?

Archive photos+Photoshop+Wacom Bamboo.

– What is your artwork you are the most proud of ?

I proud of all my collages. If one of collages not interesting for me, I don’t publish it. But the most popular is – Douglas MacArthur, 1930 (with helmet from Star Wars).

Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy

– Some upcoming projects ?

I have idea for a new series, but it is a secret.

– Where are you displayed ?

On my site And blog in LJ. But now I working for a new blog in my site. it will be more interesting and in english- I worked with Martini art project and Geek-art book in France, with design studio in LA and small gallery in Venice. In internet you can find a lot of sites with my collages.

Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy


– Can you name your geekart hall of famers ?

1. Matthieu Bessudo aka. Mc Bess. Really freaky guy!
2. Boneface.
3. Andre De Freitas.
4. Rezatron;

– Did you ever meet with one of them ?

No, unfortunately..

– Do you know what is the public’s and other artists’ perception to your art ?

I know public perception. A lot of people write to me that they love my collages. But in the Ukraine or Israel I’m unknown artist, because in these countries they don’t know what is it « geek culture » :(

Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy

– Where do you think GeekArt fits best : in a Museum, in the streets or on a t-shirt ?

I think, we live in a beautiful time, when the art can live in Museums and streets. If we say, that geek-art is art, so, it must be in a Museum (but not now, in a future). T-shirt it isn’t a good place for art (I think so). I don’t make a t-shirts with collages. For this « field » I make other illustrations)))

– Can you please draw or realize anything that inspires you right now ?

I promise,I’ll send you new colleges for review)))

Daniel Polevoy
Daniel Polevoy

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